Folks at Evernote have figured out a way to use Siri – iPhone 4s‘ revolutionary voice activated personal assistant feature to dictate notes into Evernote account.

Andrew Sinkov has explained how to get Siri to work with Evernote on their blog:

make Evernote a contact in your address book with your incoming Evernote email address. You can add the email by going into Evernote > Settings > Evernote email address.

Launch Siri and say “Send email to Evernote.” Next, dictate your email and send it off. The message will show up in your default notebook. Even cooler, you can say “Send email to Evernote. Make apple pie for family reunion,” and Siri will send that note into your account.

It is great to see companies like Evernote and Remember the Milk figuring out a way to get their apps to work with Siri, which is easily the hottest smartphone feature of 2011.

[via Evernote blog]

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