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Are you bored of the default “sent from my iPhone” email signature? Want to replace it with something cool rather than a line of text? Then you should checkout the iPhone Signature Creator by Cool Geex.

iPhone Signature creator allows you to create a HTML-based signature with colored text for your contact information and you can also add your company logo or avatar, your Facebook, Twitter, Linked and Skype account details, and more.

To create the HTML signature, all you need to do is fill up you contact details in the web-based form (using this link).

You can also upload the image or provide the URL of your company logo or avatar.

The web-based form also allows you to enter information about your FaceTime, Facebook, Twitter, Linked and Skype account details.

After you have entered all the details, don’t forget to enter the pin in the “Choose PIN number” field before you hit the “Create signature” button as you will need it later.

When you click/tap Create Signature, it takes you to the completion page with a URL that needs to be opened on your iPhone’s Safari browser.

When you open the URL on your iPhone’s Safari browser, it will prompt you for the PIN number. Type the PIN, but before you tap Go, tap the Plus sign at the bottom of the screen to add the URL to the Home Screen.

If you want to use the HTML signature again, all you need to do is tap the new Home screen icon.

Please remember to also remove the text from the default signature (Settings –> Mail, Contacts, Calendar –> Signature).

Here are some screenshots of sample HTML signatures to give you an idea:

iPhone Mail
iPhone Mail

You can use this trick to create HTML signatures for your iPad or iPod Touch.

As always, let us know how it goes.

[Cool Geex via CNET]

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