CallLock - Jailbreak iPhone app

According to proximity sensor issue reported by some iPhone 4 users just after it was launched. The “super-sensitive” proximity sensor on iPhone 4 was causing calls to be unintentionally dialled, hung up or muted without user consent.

Based on feedback from our readers, it appeared that jailbreak app CallLock.CallLock as the name suggests is a tweak available on the Cydia App Store that locks your iPhone when an incoming or outgoing call gets connected. This reduces the possibility of hitting any buttons that could cause calls to be unintentionally dialled, hung up or muted without your consent.

After installing the jailbreak app from Cydia, you will be able to select the following modes from Settings –> CallLock (please note that this tweak does not install an app icon, it can be accessed via the Settings app):


CallLock will override the default action of the Power button during a call to lock the screen instead of the normal end call action.


CallLock will automatically lock your screen as soon as a incoming or outgoing call is connected.

The default is manual mode. CallLock will be very useful for users who are still facing the proximity sensor issue after upgrading to iOS 4.1 or higher.

You can checkout the demo video of the jailbreak app:

Are you still facing proximity sensor issues on your iPhone 4 after updating it with iOS 4.1 or higher? Let us know in comments section below.

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